Google Places vs Google Local


Google Places is the old version of Google Local — the newer platform contains more features and if you had set up your business details in Google Places, you need to make a few changes here and there for it to look presentable in the new platform.

Essentially Google places is just a single page that Google offered business for free. Therefore, it’s extremely important that you take the time to make sure your listing is properly optimized to reap the benefits of your Melbourne, Florida SEO campaign.

Business owners are allowed to publish detailed information about their business such as company name, location, telephone number and other contact details as well as a brief description about the products and services they offer. In addition you can post photos, video clips and client reviews in regard to the products and services for other prospective clients to read.

In short, it’s just like a standard yellow page but, this page would only appear in the results of local search engines. For example if you offer locksmith services, people searching for “local locksmith services companies” would be able to find your business as well as other businesses that offer the same services in your region. In addition, a map showing the location of your business would also be displayed. Some of the differences between the two platforms:

•  Google Local is designed to accommodate the various social media platforms available such as Facebook and Twitter among others. This makes it more than the Yellow Pages, the presence of social media makes it very easy to interact with your profiles in the external social medial profiles at the click of a button.

•  Google Local offers a provision to post updates on your page regularly. This means that you can post photos, comments, opinions or any other useful details to make the website visitors understand your products or services in a better manner. In very simple terms the content on Google local is more dynamic and keeps on changing on a regular basis as opposed to the content on a Google places that was static.

•  Google Local offers more features — think of it like a mini website. You’re able to add a custom header, company logo as well as high resolution photos that best describe the products or services your business offers. The old Google Places offered a single landing page with static content. I must say that Google local offers more details and thus the need to upgrade.

The new interface offered by Google Local offers your business a modern platform that lets you interact with your customers via any social media site such as Facebook and Twitter seamlessly. It is therefore much easier to connect with your clients. However the transition from the old Google places to the state of the art Google local requires you to make fundamental changes to the details that appear on the new profile.

For this reason it is a good idea to hire the services of a well established SEO agency like Tight Line Productions. We are able to edit the content that appears on the new platform and present it in a professional manner that truly reflects your business.

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