Link Building: Best Methods for High Quality Backlinks


Search Engine Optimization as marketing strategies for businesses continues to surpass other strategies in delivery positive results.

The guaranteed return on investment poised by SEO strategies attracts many business owners who go ahead to hire SEO consultancy firms or SEO experts as part of their internal staffs.

On the face of it, this is a good development but a deep look at any industry with an online presence will reveal that only a few businesses are getting it right, and as a result, they are dominating their niches.

The following explanations give you advice on what you need to include in your current Melbourne, Fl SEO backlinks strategy so that you out-perform your competitors as you gain favor with Google and other search engines.

Directory submissions

You are free to opt for directory submissions if your webpage covers a very narrow niche topic, otherwise the cost of listing in the directories will be worthless on most of the directories. Still, it is better to have your website listed even if it will not amount to much, because at any time, the algorithms of search engines might change to rank directories highly as they used to. Just ensure that your website listing is correct.

Social bookmarking

The present craze with any SEO expert worth his or her salt is social bookmarking. Many people rely on social networks to discover interesting content online. Sites like Reddit have become very popular, driving millions of readers to specific webpages. In doing, so they increase the odds of having backlinks to those pages. Other social network sites are also contributing a huge chuck of backlinks to websites as people share content with their friends and search engines like Google now make special considerations to webpages that attract most social backlinks.

Guest posting

Another genuine way of getting backlinks is by contributing guest posts to blogs with a good PageRank. In return, those blog owners will be happy to link back to you and when they do so, search engines will notice. Big businesses can rely on their public relations arms to be featured on various industry blogs as a way of getting backlinks.


Similar to social networks, forums also play a huge role in determining how much a page will rank in search engine result-pages. The forum is an avenue for people to discuss topical matters and in their quest to give the rest of the users a clear understanding of the topic, most users will link to websites. Public forums are searchable by search engines and the links emerging from those forum discussions to your websites qualify as backlinks that aid your search engine performance.

In all the above techniques, the PageRank of the page that originates the backlink plays a significant role in determining how much link juice passes on to your website. A good SEO strategy is to mix surface links that point to your home page and deep links that point to a specific page on your website. You should also note that the weight of any link as viewed from the search engine perspective would depend on how many links emerge from a given page URL. Few links have more significance that many links from the same page or website.

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