SEO Tips To Get You Started

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If you’re aiming to stand above your competitors and other websites on search engine rankings, then shoot for the best search engine optimization techniques. There are white-hat seo, grey-hat seo, and black-hat seo techniques. Stay away from black and grey hat as they are controversial and may put your website in jeopardy. Tight Line Productions only practices white-hat seo techniques.

It’s essential to proofread your content and blog posts and make sure they are 100% unique to your site. Google recognizes duplicate content and plagiarism when it sees it, and will penalize you. Google penalties are difficult to recover from – and some websites ultimately may never recover. Keep your content fresh, unique, professional, and use proper grammar or Google may not even index your or pass any authority to you.

Search engine crawlers are constantly looking for new material, so updating your website consistently and putting out weekly blog posts will help you get indexed frequently and shoot up the rankings. Some of your content may be shared with others and have a chance to go viral. This also will increase traffic to your website – so there’s really no reason NOT to be blogging. You’re really doing yourself a disservice by not blogging since that’s the direction Google is heading.

One thing that most people forget: Patience. There isn’t an on or off button when it comes to SEO. You need to be patient and watch your rankings gradually increase with white-hat techniques. This holds true for brand new websites – since you have no authority with Google, it will take time to build that trust and relationship with Google and your rankings will take even longer to improve. Don’t get discouraged.

Make sure your website has a robots.txt file and a sitemap. This tells search engines which pages of your website are allowed to be indexed, and the sitemap is a structural view of your website that’s more organized for search engine spiders.

Although the meta keywords tag is obsolete now (Google removed it completely from their algorithms), you can gain traction with the meta description tag. Make sure every page has its own unique meta description that is well-written and includes your keywords. It’s essentially a free advertising description in the search engine rankings page so you want to make sure you spend time on it. Keep it short and sweet and under 160 characters.

The saying “content is king” holds true in the SEO world. Great content will get you tremendous results because search engines are all about new, relevant, high quality content. The results on the SERPS are what search engines believe to be the most relevant to your search term. Coming up with quality content may be time consuming, but it is time well spent.

After every blog post, make sure you are pinging them to RSS aggregators. This ‘alerts’ search engines that you have put out a blog posts and allows them to index it faster. Most CMS and blogging platforms like WordPress do this automatically for you.

By publishing quality content, pinging those to aggregators, properly optimizing each page with Titles and meta descriptions, creating sitemap and robots.txt file, you are on your way to increasing your Melbourne, FL SEO rankings as time goes on. Remember, patience! SEO is an art and takes time to fully reap the benefits.