SEO: Website Redesigning Done The Right Way


In today’s exceptionally competitive online world with an ever growing number of websites appearing in virtually every market, things are certainly much more challenging than they once were.

Looking at this development combined with the comprehensive changes to the way Google ranks sites in this new era of SEO, it quickly becomes clear that in order to be successful nowadays you need to be aware of what works now and is likely to work in the future.

Redesigning your Melbourne, Florida website design following the updated design principles below can allow you to not only survive these changes but generate even more organic traffic than before.

Eliminate Keyword Stuffing Completely

Keyword stuffing used to be highly effective but gradually declined in effectiveness to the point that now it will actually harm your site. Google rewards sites that are naturally written as it serves the end user better.

This means that your content strategy now needs to focus on producing high quality content that users will stay and read rather than stuffing in endless keywords to meet a specific density.

Attractive Designs No Longer Optional

In the good old days of website design it was often said that less attractive sites actually did better than more aesthetically pleasing ones. There was no proof that this was ever true but now it is certainly false. In popular markets Google will often manually review sites and nothing will send a clearer signal to them that your website is a ‘thin’ site like choosing to use a cheap-looking, outdated design. Base your site around a professional design.

Poor Coding No Longer Acceptable

If your site has an overly complicated and messy coding structure, then you are putting yourself at a disadvantage in the modern SEO world.

Poor code makes your site more difficult for the search engine spiders to crawl and thus means your content will take longer to be indexed leading to fewer visitors; secondly it makes your site load more slowly which causes some visitors to leave and may also have a negative effect on your ranking as these days Google uses site speed as a ranking factor.

The key takeaway is that whatever website design you decide on, make sure it is based on solid coding. Using WordPress is a great option for ensuring this happens, otherwise be sure to let your web-designer know that you need well-coded design.

High Quality, Regularly Refreshed Content A Must

In recent years the Search Engines have become far more adept at determining what is good content and what is not. They also have clearly indicated that they prefer websites that are regularly updated with unique and fresh content.

This means you must avoid doing the bare minimum when it comes to content and start putting an emphasis on the regular output of quality articles for your website readers. Be prepared to either hire quality writers or spend time writing excellent content yourself.

The SEO and organic traffic landscape has changed and this represents a great opportunity. If you follow the aforementioned principles, then you will have a big advantage over the competition going forward and will see an increase in rankings and traffic.

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