Using Pay-Per-Clicks To Your Advantage


In the world of internet advertising, SEO and PPC go hand in hand. PPC, better known as pay-per-click advertising, is when businesses or individuals use Google Adwords or other types of ads in search engine results.

You can benefit greatly in your Melbourne FL advertising by properly taking advantage of Google Adwords and PPC campaigns.

How Pay-Per-Click Advertising Works

PPC simply means paying for each click you get in the search engine listings. It’s when your ads appear on Adwords and you only make payments if someone clicks on your paid listing. The cost of each click is calculated using different factors, some which include location, targeted keywords, Quality Score and bid.

The ads created within Adwords control panel are governed by a wide range of rules, starting from character limits to the words you are permitted to use.

Character Limitations

Google firmly enforces the kind of claims you are permitted to make in an ad. This means that all advertisements have to be truthful, factual, accurate and verifiable. Information contained in the ads should match the content on your website. This includes any offers or prices.

Over the years, ads have experienced significant changes. Google now permits advertisers to implement product listings, various extensions to promote their marketing campaigns and traceable phone numbers that can be clicked. All these improvements are geared towards making internet marketing more effective.

Quality Score

Google defines Quality Score as an estimate of how relevant your keywords, ads and landing page are to whoever is seeing them. As a result, you must make sure that all your ads contain relevant content. This is the best way to earn a high Quality Score. In addition, your cost-per-click will reduce and your ads will place much better.

Benefits Of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Depending on your situation, PPC advertising can offer various benefits. If you are having problems landing on the first page of search engine results, you can use PPC advertising to get better rankings. In addition, those who are already on the first page can still use PPC to ensure that people visit their site first.

Another major benefit of PPC is the ability to measure your return on investment. Most people find standard SEO to be quite confusing because they don’t know what they are actually paying for. In the case of PPC, you can clearly see what it costs to get that click. In addition, you have the liberty to alter your bid and retarget your market. This means that you won’t have to wait for a long time before Google re-indexes your website. With PPC, you have the freedom and flexibility to change.

Another thing to keep in mind is brand awareness. Having your ads displayed at the top of Google page is a great way to promote your business. It ensures that people associate your brand with certain keywords. This is referred to as top of mind awareness, and it is very important.

Example: If you happen to be plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, you would want people to think of your name whenever they consider having cosmetic surgery. With PPC, this becomes very easy. It is a very effective tool when it comes to increasing visibility.

Using Pay-Per-Clicks To Your Advantage

PPC is a highly effective marketing tool that should be used to better your business. Most people usually send traffic to their sites homepage, which is not good move. They spend a lot of money on defining their target market and figuring out the best keywords to use so that consumers click on their ads. As a result, they shouldn’t direct them to their homepage where they can get confused or lost.

With effective, handcrafted landing pages, your PPC campaigns can be more effective. These pages are designed to convert your corresponding ads and campaigns. The main goal of PPC landing pages is to rapidly educate the visitor about what is on offer. From this point, they will have the opportunity to learn more. The landing pages constantly convert leads into sales because they focus on a targeted market that is consistently redefined.


You can use PPC to supplement your marketing campaign. It will direct people to the procedures or products you wish to improve. This usually involves:

  • Advertising specials
  • Creating campaigns
  • Breaking into new markets

If you have not yet embraced pay-per-click advertising, you may be losing money each day. This is because PPC offers your business various avenues of growth that can lead to significant revenues.

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