Web Design: Are You Using Catchy Fonts?


There are many factors that contribute to effective branding. Some of them are very subtle and range from how your staff deals with clients, your bathrooms’ cleanliness, the parking lot, and surprisingly, the font on your website.

The font can capture your clients’ attention or put them off completely.

All the effort that you have put into great web design can be watered down by a poor choice of fonts. In essence, your ultimate goal is to communicate to your clients in the best way possible. So why not make it easy for them? How do you choose the best fonts for your web design in Melbourne FL?

Serif versus Sans Serif

This is the first step you need to take. Learn the 2 types of fonts- Serif and Sans Serif. Get to know their characteristics, and the pros and cons of each depending on factors like the niche your business is in, and the target audience. In simple terms, serif refers to fonts that have strokes, and sans serif to those without. Examples of sans serif on your computer are ‘Arial and Verdana’, while a good example is ‘Times New Roman’.


Remember, your font is selling your brand. It must therefore represent it well. What font is more appropriate in what situation?

Sans serif fonts are more appropriate when:

– You intend to communicate with your customers quickly via text, for instance, when listing instructions. They tend to be easy on the eyes, and communicate clearly and simply. They are mostly used in web design.

– Your brand is simple. The simplicity of the font will resonate with the brand’s simplicity.

Serif fonts are more stylish and appropriately represent the brand’s personality. They are more appropriate:

– When you intend to have long blocks of text. This explains why they are preferred in magazines and books.

– If your niche is more ‘traditional’ as in law, consultancy, and real estate

Other Factors

Some other factors that are essential when choosing fonts include:

– What emotion you intend to convey. For instance, if the font is rounded, it creates a relaxed mood and impression that is casual. This is the precise intention behind using sans serif. If the font is serif, it projects a feeling of reliability and trustworthiness. A heavy font creates a feeling of confidence, strength and boldness.

– Spacing in between letters.


Rather than use many different types of fonts on your website, it is advisable to use ‘families’ and alternate between italics, bold, semi-bold, and regular weights.

Before You Choose

Ultimately, before you settle on a particular type, try each type out on the Wix editor. You can opt for font presets designed by our designers, or customize your own typography to best suit your brand identity and design.

Choosing the best font for your brand cannot be underrated. Just take time to ensure that you have factored in essential components, like your niche, target audience, and the emotions you intend to raise in your customers. It is worth the effort. Remember, a great website is an investment, and you surely want to see returns from it.

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