Website Load Times: Is Your Website Loading Fast Enough?


Google uses a wide variety of factors when determining how to rank search engine results. Typically, these factors are related to the authenticity of the website itself or are related to the content of the website.

However, in 2012, Google announced that the loading speed of a website would begin to be taken into account when determining search ranking.

This is because a site with low speed results to poor customer experience and hence deserves low ranking. Therefore, if you want to have high search engine ranking with your Melbourne, Florida website design, then its time you started giving attention to the loading speed of your website.

If you have been wondering whether page loading speed affects user experience, it does. In fact, Google incorporated page loading speed in its algorithm because faster page loading means happier customers. This has been supported by the following findings:

  • A Google study found out that slowing down the search result page by 100-400 milliseconds has a significant impact on the numbers of searches per user.
  • Shopzilla achieved a twenty five percent rise in page views and a 7-12% rise in revenue by speeding up its website.
  • A one second delay can result to decreased conversions by 7%.

Looking at these findings, it makes sense to you why you need a fast loading website design. When a page loads faster, visitors sticks for long on their first visit and chances are they will come back for more. Fast loading speeds result in high conversion rates. In fact, studies have shown that nearly more than half of all visitors to a site expect the website to load in 2 seconds or less. If the page takes more than 3 seconds to load, they abandon.

Does the loading speed of a website affect your revenue? The answer is yes! When visitors don’t have to wait for long for the website to load, they stick around for long. This means they take more time to interact with your message longer and they end up clicking on your ads a whole lot more. In fact, research has shown that over half of online shoppers place page load speed as the key factor in determining their site loyalty. If this has not convinced you how important it is to have a fast loading website, Amazon found out that 10% of a second of a website load speed is worth more1% of sales.

Of course you know how important it is to have satisfied customers in your business but have you ever thought that the speed of your website design may affect the satisfaction of your customers? Well, it does. If your website loads slowly, you will have unsatisfied customers and you can be sure they will report this to at least 10 more people.

In conclusion, the speed of a website determines conversion rates, customer experience, search page ranking and the revenue your website design will generate. It’s therefore important to have a fast loading website if at all you want to be successful in your business. It should take priority over adding fresh content and aesthetics to your site. Tight Line Productions has the experts and the personnel to speed up your website design, whether its an existing website or a new one built from scratch.

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