What Makes A Great Website?

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Many times, building a website revolves around its design, which should necessarily respect a few important requirements that can easily improve its rating and, consequently, lead to more visitors and increased revenue, as well.

Before thinking about the content or scheme color of your website, it is better to consider the following elements in your Melbourne, Florida website design, which will enable you to build a successful website that will generate more organic traffic.

High Quality Content

High quality content should be your priority when it comes to creating an efficient and responsive design for your website. The quality of your content will directly influence the number of visitors who come across your website while searching for some specific keywords your website might be optimized for.

The term “high quality,” refers to content that can properly meet search engines’ strict requirements, which include keyword density, proximity and order, compelling information that can provide value to readers and existence of heading tags.

Once the content is written in a friendly, yet professional style that can offer an answer to web surfers’ queries, the design of your website will automatically become more efficient and helpful in building online authority.

Easy/Simple Navigation

Even though technology is highly used in today’s world, there are still many nontechnical individuals who might have troubles when navigating on websites, particularly if its design is rather confusing. Therefore, the second most important factor that you should consider is the navigability of your website, which should be basically simple for all individuals who come across it.

It is important to create a navigation bar where they can find the information they are interested in without spending precious time doing so. You may eventually include a site map that can guide them throughout the website, but it should be strategically placed in order to catch their eyes almost immediately.

Compelling Imagery

Obviously, having compelling imagery on your website can enhance your visitors’ experience at a great deal, particularly because it can make the information visual and, consequently, more comprehensive. The logo of your website should be necessarily incorporated in your website’s design, as this is the most important imagery element that you should consider.

Also, any banners, ads and social media platform buttons are considered part of imagery, which is why you should make sure that they relate to your website’s niche as much as possible. In the end, images included within posts, articles and pages can make information more visual and, above all, more engaging for all visitors.


To wrap up the list of important web design elements, functionality is the last aspect that you should be considerate towards. A clean, simple navigation bar that functions properly and takes users to the pages and content they are looking for is ideal.

Moreover, including comment boxes, sharing buttons and subscription options for your visitors is also an important part of your website’s functionality, which can make the user experience more enjoyable.

You may also include rating options for pages or posts, to enhance functionality even more and allow your visitors to contribute to your success.