Google’s MobileGeddon SEO Update Live

Google Mobilegeddon Update

Google’s new search algorithm update for mobile devices is now live. Make sure you are abiding by Google’s guidelines in order to keep your Melbourne FL SEO intact. Many SEO experts believe the impact of this update will be greater than that caused by other updates such as Panda and Penguin. It is not for nothing […]

SEO: Mobile Friendly Factors Are Now A Ranking Metric

Mobile Ranking Factors

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Search engines have always used complex algorithms to rank websites based on various factors. These include domain parameters, keywords, image optimization, and server location. That being said, website owners are appreciating the importance of being conversant with the various dynamics shaping the Google ranking landscape that will affect your Melbourne Fl SEO. The advancement […]

Expanding Your Small Business Brand In 2015

Small businesses have always been faced with challenges in regard to advertising and promoting their products and services. This is because they operate in a competitive market that has big, established brands. Furthermore, they are also forced to deal with price pressures since they are competing with brands that have established advertising muscle. With the […]

Web Design: Modern Trends That May Affect Your SEO

When designing a website, every component, from content, such as articles, videos, podcasts, to plugins, navigation and optimization must be addressed singularly, but also in relation to each other. Every component, no matter how insignificant may appear at first glance, has a tremendous impact on SEO and having a powerful online presence means dealing with […]

Google Panda 4.1 Is Now Live: What Does It Mean?

As most people find information online using a search engine, SEO is essential for any website to survive. Google is the most popular search engine at the moment and indexes billions of pages of content from all around the globe. It uses confidential algorithms to assess the usefulness, credibility and reliability of the site. All […]

Local SEO: What To Do After Google’s Latest Update

Google Pigeon has shaken the local SEO world thoroughly. By which means it is advisable for us to react to Google’s new algorithm upgrade and which are its implications? Make sure you’re not falling behind on your Brevard County SEO rankings by not making the necessary adjustments. Google Pigeon – Just Keep on Optimizing On […]

Guide To Choosing The Right Marketing Company

It can be quite difficult to handle all your business’s operations on your own. While it may cost less financially to keep your marketing efforts in-house, you would be spending way too much time working on materials that are not within your field. As a result, it proves to be extremely beneficial to hire a […]

Blogging: Why You Should Be Doing It

Blogging first appeared during the late 1990s, just a few years after the internet became a mainstream commodity. Over the years it grew into an important platform for marketing by individuals and businesses. Today, it is used by millions across the world for various ends ranging from self expression to marketing, yet it has not […]

SEO: Website Redesigning Done The Right Way

In today’s exceptionally competitive online world with an ever growing number of websites appearing in virtually every market, things are certainly much more challenging than they once were. Looking at this development combined with the comprehensive changes to the way Google ranks sites in this new era of SEO, it quickly becomes clear that in […]