The Power of TV Advertising: Client Testimonial from Luv-A-Lawn

Hey guys, Mark Lewis here from Tight Line Productions. We’re a full-service advertising and production company located in Downtown Melbourne, Florida. We specialize in digital and electronic media strategies, building websites, video production, SEO, pay per click management…you name it, we do it. We’re doing something a little different today. We’re going to talk about […]

Color Is Content

Color Is Content

Colors surround us, and their effects are often subtle, yet undeniable. They impact our emotions, sending subliminal messages that can speak volumes to our senses. Designers, advertising professionals and even blog writers attempt to understand and use the natural psychology of color to their advantage in getting a message across. Color and Recognizability To demonstrate […]

DVRs: How They Affect Advertising

DVR technology is entering the lives of more and more people very year, and changing the way that they enjoy home entertainment. However, it is also causing problems for Melbourne Fl advertising and ad agencies, who previously had enjoyed a fairly consistent approach to the televised medium. Nowadays it is possible for people to watch […]

4 Local SEO Myth You Should Know About

The demand for SEO or we should say optimization is increasing day by day. Many companies have started realizing the significance of having an optimized business website and how they can benefit from SEO strategies. SEO can not only boost your online presence and search engine ranking, but also helps in multiplying the overall revenue […]

An Overview of Twitter IPO Impact on Businesses and Social Media

If you own a website, it’s quite certain that you have explored all the necessary SEO skills that will ensure that the site is ranked top in search engine hits. One way to improve your web presence is by making use of social signals tools such as Twitter and Facebook. In the recent times, we […]

Google Keyword Tool: Whats Next?

The Google Keyword Tool can be described as a standard world of webmaster research. This is used to test the search words that will be used and it can also find new keyword suggestions that can be used to attract more traffic to the site. This is one of the things that help to make […]

Video Marketing Is A Smart Approach

You’ve heard this before: Video Marketing is a smart approach. Of course, this does not mean that you forget the ladder through which you did ascend. You can always put your regular marketing strategies to implementation, like the TV, the print media, the newspaper and your Melbourne, Florida video production. But because of the fact […]

Is Your Website SEO Optimized?

There is no doubt that SEO is one of the most important online marketing pillars. But the same SEO has undergone changes due to heightened online competition, where everyone is trying to get a larger market share. It is important therefore to be careful what kind of SEO strategies you employ. At all the time, […]

How Good Is Your Web Design?

It’s very crucial to have a professional website design today as the internet is becoming increasingly popular. Research shows that the majority of people use Internet as a source of information when purchasing products and services. If it’s hard to find our website on the Internet where potential clients are already searching, you are losing […]