Enhance Traditional SEO with Video SEO

Digital Domination

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text] Video SEO Delivers the Extra Punch to Help Clients Dominate Their Niche Our agency took on a massive project 18 months ago for an auto dealer client, Vero Beach Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM here in Florida. We had already been producing their TV & Radio commercials for many years, and while they were a […]

Content Marketing: Increasing Brand Awareness And Diversifying The Target Market

The internet marketing industry is a highly competitive one, and in order for a small or medium-sized enterprise to stand out, it needs a well-designed, customized marketing and advertising campaign designed to increase its visibility. Having said that, two of the most important parts of a truly successful marketing campaign are Melbourne Fl SEO and […]

Google Launches New Pigeon Update

Google Pigeon is the latest algorithm change to Google’s search engine to date, introduced  July 24th, 2014. After its implementation, local directories are receiving much higher visibility in search results. Specifically, Google is relying heavily on Yelp to provide more information and recommendations, instead of artificially promoting their own resource, Google Local, to the top […]

Differentiating Between SEO and Marketing

Until recent times, Internet Marketing was the undisputed method of disseminating an online business. But a drastic change in the way search engines rank the websites has brought about a new perspective to online marketing known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) popularized by the likes of many digital marketing strategies. Internet marketing is more or […]

Google Panda 4.0 Now Live: What Does It Mean?

There is a constant cat and mouse game that is being played by Google and webmasters who are applying search engine optimization (SEO). SEO experts are always trying to get in-line with Google’s algorithm while Google constantly updates their algorithms to weed out the unethical webmasters or any website that does not go comply with their suggestions or […]

Taking Advantage of Google Authorship For Your Website

Ever since Google’s algorithms were tweaked to produce more relevant search engine results, authority has become the key factor to hitting higher search rankings. Google Authorship offers you that valuable credibility, by establishing you as a thought-leader and trend-setter in your field. Establishing identity around top and quality content is always crucial to a powerful […]

Mobile SEO: How Can It Affect Your Business?

The technological revolution is still with us. The world has moved from bulky desktop equipment to mobile equipment when it comes to internet access. What this means is that more people in the world that access the internet do so from mobile devices like smart phones and mobile pads as opposed to desktop computers and […]

5 Ways To Dominate Local Search

A good ranking in local search results is absolutely key for a small business to keep pace with competitors. As mobile devices continue to take over searches, items of local interest are increasingly displayed on search engine result pages (SERPS). 1 out of every 3 searches performed today is a local search which means local […]

Mobile Responsive Websites: How Important Are They?

There’s really no doubt that the Internet has reached the mobile-age, with an ever increasing number of people going online through their mobile phones, touch pads and smart phones. It’s unbelievable how many businesses haven’t adapted with the times, and still don’t have a mobile friendly website. The statistics demonstrate that around the world businesses […]

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