4 Local SEO Myth You Should Know About

The demand for SEO or we should say optimization is increasing day by day. Many companies have started realizing the significance of having an optimized business website and how they can benefit from SEO strategies. SEO can not only boost your online presence and search engine ranking, but also helps in multiplying the overall revenue […]

Effective Backlink Building Methods For 2014

Building quality backlinks is one of the important elements of an effective SEO campaign. This can be a tedious task, but backlinks are still the best way to increase traffic and to raise your site’s ranking in the most popular search engines. For these search engines, the more people go to your websites, the more […]

Speeding Up Your WordPress Website

WordPress has emerged as a very popular platform to create powerful websites. This platform can be used very easily by all website owners. Some people may want to speed up their WordPress sites, and reduce load times. There are many benefits that people can get by improving the page speed on their sites. High speed […]

What Does The New Google PageRank Update Mean For You?

Despite Google’s Matt Cutts implying that the page rank update would not happen again this year (2013), it still happened and caught the SEO community by surprise. This is an act that has caught many people unaware and has caused numerous speculation. Additionally, this is a move that has left many people confused and shocked. […]

Google Increasing User’s Privacy and Security

Just recently, Google has gone dark by providing a change that encrypts all search activity, except for clicks on ads. This means that website owners cannot look anymore at ‘Google Analytics‘ to see what words people are using when they search for websites on Google. The added protection aims to give more security, following the […]

SEO: Optimizing Single Page Sites For Search Engines

Search engines such as Google index websites without executing Javascript. As a result, single page sites are at a greater disadvantage compared to their traditional counterparts, especially if they seem to rely on Javascript. In today’s competitive business environment, not being on Google is suicide for any single business. The majority of unaware victims are […]

All You Need To Know About the Latest Google Penguin 2.1 Update

The latest fifth release of Google Penguin went live on October 4, 2013. While this is the fifth update of penguin that has been announced so far, Google called it Penguin 2.1 to the confusion of many people not familiar with the modality of naming. The reason for this naming is that Penguin 2.1 is […]

What’s Googles Newest Hummingbird Update All About?

On the 26th of September 2013, the day before the official 15th anniversary of Google, the search giant announced that they had released a new algorithm update called Hummingbird. The announcement came out of the blue as Google had apparently been quietly working on it for a month leading up to the announcement, according to […]

Google Places vs Google Local

Google Places is the old version of Google Local — the newer platform contains more features and if you had set up your business details in Google Places, you need to make a few changes here and there for it to look presentable in the new platform. Essentially Google places is just a single page […]

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